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Fun & Warm

Support to make family life enjoyable for parents and children
~Healthcare & Childcare Entertainment~

About Temari Co., Ltd.

​ I want to protect the education and health of my precious children.

It is very important to educate, habituate and protect your health from childhood.

The founder is a mother with children, and thinks from the perspective of family and home.

Fun & Warm....We want to support your health with warm and fun products/services. We want to grow our business together, so please support us.

By all means, I would be happy if you could support Temari's efforts!


​provided services

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Home Oral Care Products & Services

Home oral care support using IoT

​・Online oral care and food support

[2] ​
Oral Care & Diet Consulting

​ We provide oral care education services to companies, schools/kindergartens, hospitals, and local governments under the supervision of experts.

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[3] ​
Lecture/seminar request

History of past lectures

・​Oji Paper

・Waseda University Graduate School

​・Manufacturing community organizations ​ etc. ​

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2023年月12月 18日


2023年月12月 01日


2023年月11月 20日


2023年月11月 10日

Exhibited at the world's largest global event "TOKYO City-Tech"
Tokyo's first global event

January 11, 2023

インターネット放送 TOKYO WAVE FM(放送局)に出演致しました。

January 05, 2022

Selected for the Japan program of the X-HUB TOKYO GLOBAL STARTUP ACCELERATOR "Silicon Valley Course" sponsored by Tokyo and JETRO, and participated in the US local program at the end of January.

December 05, 2022

BALLPARK FANTASIA2022 (Organizer: DeNA, Yokohama Stadium)
Exhibited on Sunday, December 11th. This is a family-friendly event. Please come and visit us.

November 30, 2022

​​ *Basically, the past activities are described in the following activities.

​​ Initiatives

​​Hardware and Application Manufacturing & Development

IoT manufacturing knowledge

​ Our company's strength is manufacturing and development that is consistent with the founder's strong desire in all processes. We work with professionals in each field.

​​ Development and demonstration experiments with universities

​​ Promote industry-government-academia collaboration

​​In order to create better products, we are expanding a wide range of areas and human networks. Please lend us your power!

​​participating organizations (*partially published)

Contribute to the education and health of children and women

​​ Our business targets a wide range of men and women, from children to seniors. We believe that education is important, and we focus on education and health from childhood.

・Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry

・ Tokyo Children's Smile Movement

・Femtech Community Japan

​​Activity history


Japan Night semi-finalist

Japan Healthcare Contest Semifinalist

CEATEC America Media Innovation Award 2 Division (Health and Household・Mobile Technology) Finalist

Startup Launchpad of Global Sources Problem Solver Received Received Special Prize in the Startup Category of the Women's Entrepreneur Award of the Women's Association of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

​​Activity history

​​Program adoption

Sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Selected for Startup Next Innovation

Adopted by The Nippon Foundation ImpactTech Social Change Makers

Selected for APT Woman, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Female Entrepreneurship Program

Adopted by JETRO, Kyoto City HVC KYOTO Program

Dell Technologies Co., Ltd. & EY Japan Women Entrepreneur Development Project Adopted

Adopted Tokyo Metropolitan Women's Management School NEW Basic Management Course

​​Activity history

​​subsidies and grants

Start-up promotion subsidy

Robot prototype subsidy

​New service subsidy

​Manufacturing subsidy

​​Activity history

​​media history

Asahi Shimbun

Yomiuri Shimbun life page

Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun CEATEC special feature  

Magazine Nikkei Monozukuri

Magazine monthly business plan

magazine publicity meeting

Nikkei Shimbun "Health Tech Startup" special feature

MagazineMac Fun

radio honda smile mission

NHK Good Morning Japan Machikado Information Room

Various IT media sites (The Bridge, etc.) 

Shinjuku Bistown News

The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Monthly "Ishigaki" "Passionate People"

​Activity history


Acceptance of pro bono program activities of major companies (trading companies, real estate, etc.)

Please feel free to contact us.

Send completed.

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