World's first toothbrushing product, "Shaka brushing"!

You can attach it to your favorite toothbrushing.

It connects to application and get toothbrushing habbit naturally.

* Dentist supervision, cooporate with national and public university

​This is a good product

as baby gift!!

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We support child toothbrushing time "Shakashaka brushing"

Step1. Attach our prouct "Shakashaka brushing" to your favorite toothbrushing

Step2. Open Shakashaka brushing's application (download from App store, now iPhone/iPad only release).

Step3. Shake! Shakashaka brushig and it turn on. * Don't forget "Bluetooth on"

And you follow our application, Enjoy brushing time!!!

* Patent pending

Toothbrushing education with fun using "Shakashaka brushing


Intraoral trouble cause several diseases from research result.

Toothbrushing education from childhood is really important more difficult than people think.

* supervision of experts of dentist, and cooperate with Universities.

We recommend to buy as a gift when children had been born etc, it’s as toothbrushing education and intellectual training. 

To protect children’s dental health lifetime.

We support hard child-rearing and help children’s toothbrushing habit. And we make parent and child time to fun time.

for you &
your child

☆ As a Birthday Gift ☆ 

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October 04, 2016

Shakashaka brushing selected as a finalist 2 department of The CEATEC INNOVATION AWARDS, "As Selected by U.S. Journalists"

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October 03, 2016

Shaka Shaka Brush Will Instill Good Dental Hygiene In Kids

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