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Mother and Baby on Floor

Temari Co., Ltd.

I want to protect my health through education and support my family's happiness from my health

We believe that health and education are the foundation of life.You lose health without realizing it. I want you to notice important people in advance. When I get sick, I feel helpless because I can't do anything for my family. That is the original experience of the founder. Keeping yourself and your family healthy is very important. Education is also important to know & learn at an early stage. Based on my experience working at a human resources company, I would like to help people draw a better future by providing educational opportunities and information from an early age.Temari Co., Ltd. provides products and services from a Fun & Warm perspective that provide a warm and enjoyable life for the family, thereby promoting family health, providing educational opportunities, and increasing communication. and aim to make families around the world happy. "Change Hard time to Fun time with your family" is our motto. Standing up for the health and education of families around the world. We aim to provide products and services that fall into daily life, and we aim to provide health services that can protect your immediate family from oral care.

A Toddler and a Baby

​​member introduction

​ Supported by many stakeholders. ​


​​ Mari Utano

​​Representative Director


Kazunori Yamamoto

​​manufacturing manager


​Makiko Nishi

​ supervision


doven birkhead

​ supervision

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Okada Daishiro


Would you like to make it together? don't you think?

We are looking for someone who can work with us.

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Cooking Lesson
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